Reduce Waste, Save Electricity, and Save the World

There was a time when society as a whole believed that nothing they could do would have an impact on the planet. The basic belief was that the planet itself was so large that any impact humans had on it was minimal at best. Now, as people’s understanding of how the plant works and how interconnected everything on the planet really is has grown, they realize that the decisions they make have a profound impact not only on their lives, but also on the lives of generations to come. For this reason, people have become more interested in the idea of reusing and recycling. Now, if a person can reduce waste, they will.

Really, there are a lot of simple steps that people can take to reduce the amount of energy they use for the amount of waste they produce. For example, a person can reduce waste by going to the store and choosing to purchase bulk items from bins as opposed to purchasing individually wrapped snack items. This reduces the waste produced by the individually wrapped items.

Instead of just throwing away food scraps, use them as compost. A compost bin creates a fertile environment to grow foods and to grow plants. This minimizes the amount of waste that ends up in the city’s landfills, it minimizes the amount of energy that vehicles need to use to transport this waste, and if the compost is used to grow fruits and vegetables, it minimizes the waste that comes from buying things at a grocery store.

Check this out, a huge source of waste that most people do not even think about is the waste that is produced by junk mail. It is estimated that on an annual basis in the United States, a person receives 30 pounds of junk mail. They don’t even read it, they just throw it away. With 300 million people living in the United States, this means that annually more than 9 billion pounds of junk mail is produced. This junk mail requires the destruction of trees, the use of dangerous chemicals in the printing process, as well as the use of electricity and other energy to produce the junk mail.

If every single person did their part and canceled junk mail from coming to their home, the effect on the environment would be phenomenal. Really, there are a lot of steps that a person can take to reduce waste, save electricity, and thereby do their part to protect the planet.