Where Should You Build Your Deck?

Are you considering having a new deck built on your home? In order to get the most out of it, you have to figure out where you want to have it built on the house. The positioning is just as important as any other aspect of the design. As you decide where to have it built, there are a number of different things that you have to consider.

1. Is there a busy street?
Having a deck on the front of the house can be a nice way to meet the neighbors, but it could also mean that you are facing little more than a busy street. This is hardly the relaxing atmosphere that you want when you are sitting down with a cup of coffee after dinner.

2. What is your goal for the deck?
On the other side of things, you have to look at your goals. Maybe you feel like you never got to know anyone in your neighborhood and so you want a deck where you can sit and wave to people as they walk down the street. You just know that being outside is going to give you more chances to meet people. In this case, having it near the street may be the best option. You are never going to get what you hoped for out of it if it is on the back side of your house.

3. Is there a view?
Do you have a view at your home that you want to capitalize on? Perhaps there is a sweeping view of a mountain range or a view down the cliff to a river or a lake. If you have one of these views that you know you are going to love, it is best to put the deck up so that it overlooks it. This makes it a much more pleasant place to be.

4. Does your home already have access doors?
Maybe you built your house with a deck in mind and so you have doors built in for deck access. If so, you want to position the deck so that it can make use of those doors. However, there are still options. You could build the deck in a different location and then connect it to the door with a long walkway, for example. If you want more topics to consider when building a deck, visit a deck designer like www.archadeck.com.

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  2. Another point to consider is the sun. I love a sunny deck and I would want to build my deck on the south side of the house where it is always sunny. If you are living in a fairly hot region you may consider having a small one of the north side as well. In any case, I would want the deck catch at least the morning or afternoon sun, if south view isn’t available.

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