Buy Or Build A Playhouse

Choosing to buy or build a Tree House for the children can in itself be a hard decision to make. But before buying any tree house plan there are a few things you should take into consideration. You want everyone in agreement with what type of tree house design to build. Then get started on approximating a time line for the full task to be completed. Before attempting any building or constructing of a project, there are some important basics that should be covered. This article will try to summarize some of these guidelines and hopefully help make that choice of whether to Buy or Build a Tree House a lot easy.


Before choosing which blueprint or template you want to use, one must make a choice on where to build the project. Choosing your build site is a crucial part because it dictates what design can be incorporated. Such things like how high off the ground or what type of tree can be defining decisions on which type of design to go with. Finding a design that is a little easier for first time woodworkers might make things go a lot smoother. Or if everyone involved feels comfortable with challenges you might want something more complicated. All these decisions help to choose the most convenient tree house plans to use.

After choosing the best site for the job at hand we can get down to picking a design to construct that is comfortable for everyone to build. When making a decision on what design to go with make sure to look at the tools and equipment needed to accomplish the task. Knowing the difficulty level of the project can also be a factor in the design choices. Some first time craftsman might shy away from using power tools which can limit what tree house plans to use. Getting to know your crew(Clan,Family,Loved Ones,Friends) better and what their comfortable with will also help.

The tree house or playhouse I built for my children could withstand the weight of our entire family and could easily be revised for any terrain. An example of the difference is where a buddy of mine purchased his for quite a bit from a local hardware retailer and ran into all kinds of trouble. His kids were a little too young to help so it was just him and the wife with a hard to understand blueprint. After two weekends and being almost finished he read that the maximum weight was only eighty to one hundred pounds. Two of the kids were close to that already. To add even more grief the kit had missing pieces and when he tried to return it for another he found they had been discontinued. These are a couple of things to consider before learning how to build a tree house.

Finally with all these other steps done the cost can be calculated and checked to see if it is within the budget. Knowing what tools are needed and if they are available or have to be bought can also be a factor. What type of materials are going to be incorporated is another issue in the price. But if anyone was to compare the difference in price between a store bought prefabricated playhouse package and a Do-It-Yourself one they would see that building your own is always cheaper, easier to customize and more fun for the whole family.

Even with all the information given here it still does not seem that simple to construct your own tree house or playhouse. But now with the various tips and suggestions made here, making an educated decision on which tree house plans to implement will come a lot easier. The only thing missing is a full set of your very own plans showing how to build a tree house.

Our backyard started out with just a couple of play structures and ended up with everything imaginable. My children are in love with their backyard playground and can not wait to give more suggestions on what else to incorporate. Did you find all the tips on how to build a tree house useful? I always wanted to help people with the construction of their tree houses or playhouses and upgrade some of their basic woodworking skills. Getting the quality time with the loved ones is just all bonus!

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