Making The Right Decision On Any Beer Pong Table

There is nothing quite like a raucous night with friends huddled around a beer pong table. Ever since this drinking game was first invented it has provided millions of party goers many, many evenings of drunken fun. To maximize that fun, however, it is important to have the right tables in place to ensure that no one has to try to quickly create a playing surface on short notice.

The game is among the easiest to learn. There are no complicated mathematical operations to perform, such as those involved in many bar dice games. Neither are there any highly technical skills involved as with games like darts or billiards. All that is required are a few ping pong balls, the right kind of table, and an endless supply of beer that can be poured into plastic cups.

To satisfy many party patrons, however, it is helpful to make sure that the tables used are similar to the ones they have seen elsewhere. The easiest way to accomplish that goal is to do everything possible to ensure that these tables meet the standard requirements for the game. Here are a few fundamental issues that must be addressed.

The size

Size is an essential characteristic of the boards. There are even standard sizes that are required for tournament usage and league play. Often times, buyers simply choose to purchase these common sizes to ensure that they are able to remain consistent in their play. For professional tables, the regulation sizes are two feet by eight feet. For those who are open to other sizes, tables can range from six to nine feet long.

The field of play

The board surface can contain any type of design, including bright colors and specific markings. In all that glitter and dazzle, however, a number of key features should still be visible. These include the midway line that separates the two halves of play, and the lines that denote foul territory. Though not all boards contain these markings, they are still helpful for most serious players.

Finding a vendor

Vendor selection is the most critical aspect of any purchase. Though cheap versions of these tables can often be found at stores that sell party favors, the best tables are almost always sold by professional vendors who specialize in this equipment. Many of these companies have online sites that offer some of the most exciting and useful tables found anywhere in the world.

Customers who search through the available tables would do well to remember the critical featureless they need. Durability is essential, as they have to endure spilled beer, drunken stumbles, and a host of other abuses. In addition, it is wise to get portable units so that they are easier to move and store when they are not being used.

Still, nothing is more important than the notion that these tables should be fun for everyone involved. When buyers focus on the fun factor, they will have a much easier time finding a beer pong table that fits their unique style preferences while still providing the surface needed for endless hours of exciting play.

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