What exactly is Carpet Underlay?

Most carpets require underlay, and if you are replacing the carpet in a home, you may not actually need it if its already there. It may only need replacing if it’s glued to the carpet somehow or if it is clearly worn down or smelling bad due to pets. The other option is carpeting that simply needs gluing down, however underlay provides a much nicer feeling underfoot. In order to get the most comfort and warmth out of a carpet, it’s best if it’s laid down over a good quality underlay.

What is underlay? It’s what make the carpet feel nicer when you walk on it. However make sure that if you are looking for comfort for a home environment that you chose underlay made from blown rubber, as it’s designed to look and feel like foam, but made from rubber materials. The other type, crumb underlay, made from recycled tyres, is more for industrial situations where comfort is not as important as wear, so perhaps not the best choice for your bedroom.

Waffle rubber base underlay is the most common type of underlay available from retailers. There may be different brand names but it is all basically the same, except for the variations in weight and tog. The heavier the underlay the generally the more comfortable it feels.

The heavier the underlay, the more comfortable the feel. The only exception to this rule is the fact that 150lb underlay actually feels harder than 130lb. underlay. So for bedrooms or sitting rooms where you are looking for a lovely soft plush feel, 130lb underlay is your best option. For thermal properties, the Cloud 9 brand has high togs available that will provide the best quality of warmth.

A lot of people look for noise reduction properties in their underlay. Cloud 9 cumulous underlay offers excellent impact noise reduction, but if you are looking for airborne noise reduction, then you may have to look into a combined tog underlay. Concrete floors without under floor heating could do with a high tog underlay in order to provide good insulation.

So what is underlay made from? It’s nice to know exactly what you are laying your carpet on. Well, crumb rubber underlay is made from recycled car tyres that have been crumbed then bonded together. It’s very hard wearing and usually used in more setting where comfort is not so critical. However blown rubber underlay is a rubber material that is similar to foam, but made from rubber based type material.

If you’re looking for Cloud 9 Underlay, you can find a wide selection at the Simply Underlay website.

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