Making Your Home A Brighter Place Through Stair Parts Selection

In the past stair parts designed for use in residential properties have traditionally been made from various types of wood, with oak, ash and pine being popular choices. However, the problem with wooden stair parts is that they can make the hallway and landing area quite dark. As this is often the central part of the home from which all other rooms are accessed, there can be a knock on effect that impacts on the overall feel of your home; making it a dark property. However, in recent years we have seen the introduction of more modern stair parts and designers have greatly enhanced the options available to consumers.

The emergence of metal

Whilst metal stair parts have been commonplace in commercial and retail settings for many years, the use in home properties has been somewhat limited. Now we are seeing chrome and brushed nickel stair parts emerging, which offer a contemporary feel. These are most typically being used in new builds or properties that the owner is looking to update. Both metals are highly reflective and serve to brighten up the hall and landing area by maximising the available light.

Incorporating glass

Another material that is becoming ever more popular in stair pats is that of glass. Some homeowners are looking to install treads and risers that are actually made from glass; resulting in a transparent stair area. These are perhaps most suited to open plan living spaces where the rooms tend to flow into one another. In the event that you have a more traditional living space with separate rooms then you may decide that this kind of approach is not suitable. However, you could still include glass in your stair parts selection by going for glass panels. Doing so will mean that any natural light coming through windows and that from your electric lighting will have maximum effect and keep the space feeling light and spacious.


One way of really taking advantage of the light that glass and metal can provide is mixing the two materials together in your stair part selection. By going for glass panels or spindles, with chrome or nickel furnishings, you can create an ultramodern stair design. The brightness that is achievable is quite startling and should go a long way to help you remove the oppressive feel right throughout your home.

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