DIY Laminated Floors May Be What You Need

When you are considering transforming, you need to also consider changing your house flooring. With all the quality enhancements and lower costs, replacing your flooring is now in the budget range of most of the people that are contemplating transforming their home.

If you presently have carpeting but have always wanted hardwood surfaces, now may be the time to think about it. As you’ll know, real hardwood floors are somewhat difficult to maintain. You would have to strip, sand and refinish the floors every year or so, and if the hardwood becomes damaged or stained it can get expensive to repair or replace the damaged portion.

With the improvements that have taken place over the years, you can now have the appearance of hardwood floors without the headache of maintaining them. The answer’s DIY laminate flooring. Laminate flooring has the look and feel of real hardwood without all of the headaches. It costs less than real hardwood flooring, and you can install it yourself. If you spill something on it, all you have to do is wipe or mop it up with some warm soapy water. If a portion gets damaged, you can simply remove that part and install a replacement piece of laminate and your floor will look as good as new.

Half of the cost, or more, is what can be saved by installing new flooring yourself. It is pretty simple to install, and you can even install it right over any linoleum flooring. Just make absolutely certain that the area is clean when you start the installation.

The laminated floors comes in snap together parts and that is all you have to do. You just set a half in. spacer about each 12 inches along the wall and start laying the 1st row. You offset the second row by 6 inches to ensure the strength of the flooring and continue laying each successive row of laminate until you get to the last row. You’ll have to mark and trim off excess you have on the final row, making sure you leave the half inch spacing.

The half inch of spacing that you leave all of the way around the floor allows the floor to breathe (expand or contract according to the temperature). The spacing is concealed when you re-install the molding over the floor. With this sort of DIY laminate flooring available to homeowners, almost anyone can have the appearance of hardwood in more rooms nowadays.

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