Keeping Alit During the Long Winter Night

In just a couple of weeks the clocks will go back, officially marking the start of winter. In many ways, there is never a more important time of the year to improve your lighting in your home. As sunset gets earlier and the nights get longer, evenings at home can be made even more relaxing with carefully selected contemporary lighting placed around your abode. However, you don’t have to think about calling in an electrician for every change you’d want to make. For example you may just be looking to substitute your bedside lamps with new desk lights, so that you can enjoy a good book comfortably before nodding off.


Many of us will now find ourselves waking up during the week for work when it’s still dark. It’s therefore vital to have a well-lit bathroom simply because of the amount of time we spend getting ready in there. It is actually very simple to light up your bathroom properly. You just need to make sure you purchase the right fittings for the right areas of the room. For instance, if you want a light placed in zone 2 or 3, fittings need to have an IP44 mark, and are therefore safe and suitable for use. If unsure check the out our website for more information or consult your electrician. A standard bathroom lighting set up would consist a central ceiling light, and a pair of decent wall lights over your basin on either side of your mirror. Although not legally necessary to be IP rated, we would always recommend IP44 rated fittings as steam from a hot shower can easily fill a whole bathroom.


Lighting up your kitchen can also be a really simple task, because most areas are clearly defined. Typically, kitchen lights are made up of an opal pendant of some sort (we would recommend Glo-ball S1 or the Romeo Moon range) which gives off a warm ambient light, conjoined with three or four pendant fittings over a breakfast table or preparation island. Then you can have under cupboard strip lights to light up cooking areas. Also wall lights tend to suit eating areas nicely. Or if you are considering traditional kitchen ceiling lighting, take a minute to browse our Jesolo, Lido or Quadra ranges. Just remember that in rooms with low ceilings, pendant lighting is not an option.


As the evenings become cooler, we tend to spend more time inside, especially in the living room. Here you can really become creative with your lighting. When watching your favourite TV show, you may find it more enjoyable to have all room lights dimmed to be easier on your eyes. At the same time, if your partner wants to get into a good book while you watch the football, a desk or floor light placed next to a comfy chair means you both win, regardless of the result on the box!


Feel free to get in touch if you are thinking about optimising your lighting setup for the long winter ahead.

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