Steps In Making Your Own Wind Chime

In the past, wind chimes were only played in the temples and official ceremonies in Ancient China. Later, eastern Asian neighbors used this instrument as part of Feng Shui.

It’s no surprise that people are attracted to the beautiful sound of wind chimes. Their soft tinkling during a passing breeze was said to be the bearer of good fortune, prosperity, and health.

Anyone can easily assemble a wind chime. Materials used may vary from natural stones, sea shells, coconut, or bamboo. In other parts of the world, steel, ceramics, metal or glass are molded in various elegant artistic figures. Some would combine different materials, while others would pattern chimes into lanterns.

In coming up with wind chimes, hollow wood tubes or rods are employed and painted with varnish. Painting is important to keep the materials safe from the destructive elements of nature such as heat and water since wind chimes are placed outside of the house. With paintings, wind chimes are assured of servicing for a long time.

Glass is another favorite material in making wind chimes because it is easily available in different forms: bottles, crystals and simply glass. It may be stained or depressed, or better yet vintage ones.

The glasses are attached together with strings. A string that easily gets brittle will leave the glass wind chimes falling to the ground and breaking in the impact. With a breakable material, the choice of a string comes critical to the continuous service of the wind chimes.

Now that you have an idea on the materials, you may want to choose your own kind of wind chimes from the idea above.

To provide you with variety, you can check out some magazines or periodicals, then make a list of the necessary materials that fancy you. After the materials are acquired, you are now ready to create your own tune using the wind chimes.

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