Getting Creative with Upholstery Foam

Upholstery foam is one of the best kept secrets of creative interior designers. It is a versatile material and comes in many different sizes and densities. Foam for upholstery can be found as thin as 1 inch or as thick as 6 inches, which gives a designer many options.

Upholstery foam provides a creative way to display your favorite art. It’s easy to cut a piece of foam and wrap it with fabric to create a unique frame. Choose solid colors or simple patterns of fabric so you don’t take away from your art.

Another idea is to create cornice boards from upholstery foam and your favorite fabric. This creates a nice clean look. If you want a softer look, you can add batting over your foam and then apply fabric.

Upholstery foam is perfect when used in a shadow box. It provides a nice surface in the background and can be covered with the fabric of your choice. It then becomes possible to simply pin your photos, jewelry, or other display items into place. This is especially useful if you plan to rearrange or remove and replace items on a regular basis.

Ever consider upholstering your headboard? This is a great use for upholstery foam. You can upholster your current headboard, or create a template from plywood and upholster that. This is an easy project that can be done in a weekend, and it makes any bed much more comfortable and elegant.

Upholstery foam is great if you have kids. It is easy to cut out alphabet shapes to create your child’s name. These letters can be wrapped with fabric or painted and hung on the wall. Additionally, it is easy to create an entire alphabet from upholstery foam. This provides a young child a fun way to learn spelling.

Do you use a bulletin board in your home? You might consider making a new one from upholstery foam and a beautiful fabric. Simply purchase some one inch, dense upholstery foam and cut it to size. Then use adhesive spray to mount fabric on it. Feel free to add trim around the edges to create a unique and beautiful bulletin board. Tacks will easily hold items on the board.

Upholstery foam also provides a quick fix for an old mattress. Purchase upholstery foam in the desired thickness and place it over your mattress. This not only improves the comfort of your mattress by adding much needed support, but it also raises your bed to whatever height you desire. This adds an elegant look to any bedroom.

Foam provides a great way to enhance your old furniture too. You can easily turn a plain wooden stool into a classy ottoman by upholstering a circular piece of foam and attaching it to the stool top. It is equally easy to make new cushions for wooden benches or dining room chairs with your upholstery supplies.

Using upholstery foam along with batting allows you to create very comfortable couch cushions or pillows. These can be used throughout your home to create a personalized look.

No matter how you choose to use upholstery foam, you’ll find it affordably adds to the comfort and beauty of your home. Don’t limit yourself to these ideas either. For more inspiration check out sites like HGTV, or get creative and think of your own unique uses for upholstery foam.

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