DIY Ideas To Improve Security And Save You Money

Image courtesy of Jacqui
Any insurance policies concerning your home – be it buildings insurance, contents insurance or home insurance –are a necessary evil. While we loathe paying to get covered, it’s something that ultimately protects against potential financial ruin should the unthinkable happen. Using an online tool like a buildings insurance calculator is one way to ensure you pay the right amount for specialist insurance, but are there any other measures you can take to reduce the price of the overall policy?
Let’s start on the outside of a property. The ‘look’ of your home could ultimately determine whether it attracts any unwanted attention or not while you’re out at work, away on vacation or even in the property at the time. An obvious way to deter any potential thieves from entering your house is to install motion-sensor security lights at various points around your property. These can be quite simple to install yourself, reasonably cheap to buy providing you shop around and are a great way of making it as difficult as possible for somebody to slope in and out of your property unawares. An alarm is a must as well and smoke alarms may lower your premium.
It could be worth investing in a couple of CCTV cameras, depending on how much money you’ve got available. If not, there are plenty of convincing ‘dummy’ cameras that look the part and could make a criminal think twice about trying to enter your personal space. In terms of other tips in and around your garden, cut back trees and bushes that may make ideal hiding places for anyone scoping out your house and think about planting a few prickly bushes directly under any windows to give any potential burglars a nasty surprise. Putting down gravel on your driveways or any garden paths has noticeable noise implications under foot.

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