Remodelling Your Bathroom – The Eco Friendly Approach

Regardless of our budget, or the scope of our project, remodelling is an activity that requires time, patience, and money. Like anything worth time and effort, remodelling a bathroom is a complex process. However, doing this with the right materials and advice should not cause that much stress. Usually, “Where do I start?” is the 1st question we ask ourselves; that´s easy, choosing the right vanity design. Remember, our bathroom is one of the most intimate spaces we have in our homes or apartments, without the right, clean and lean look, we will fail to feel comfortable. The single element we use the most in this area is our vanity; at the same time, it is this piece of furniture that captures our attention immediately. Therefore, a full bathroom remodelling can start with the right choice of a vanity furniture design. These pieces of furniture come in all colors, shapes, materials and sizes that fit ever budget imaginable. Today, affordable bath vanities are easier to come across, it is just a matter of knowing where to look. Of course, we usually want this piece to go in accordance to the rest of the bathroom´s design, choosing the right lighting and orientation of the faucet and the rest of elements is quite limited by space and the arrangement of the water pipes installed.

Today, however, a crucial issue that most of us ignore comes when we evaluate the sustainability of our “soon to be” bathroom. If we are constantly poised by the idea of being more conscious of the environment, then we definitely need to consider using eco friendly bathroom furniture for our new “toilette dans les cieux”. Virtually, thanks to constantly improving technologies, almost every aspect of our bathroom can be considered eco friendly. For example, many new toilettes and shower heads feature “Watersense” technology, an EPA approved program that guarantees high efficiency on water use, taking “low flow” products to the next level. Materials is also a great concerned, for us wooden vanity lovers, FSC – Certified wood products is the way to go. These pieces of furniture use wood that has been harvested from a sustainably managed forest.

Finally, for us who want to take the “green” approach to remodelling, we now know there are options for every budget. We just need to know where to look, and find what fits our style and likes.

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