Give Your Home Office Walls Some Needed Attention

Have you ever sat in your home office, looked around and felt like you were in a cave? A home office is often under decorated and often times becomes a boring place to work. There are a few ways to add some pizzazz and excitement to your home office without going overboard. On a recent redecorating binge, I found that adding a few elements of interest actually sparked my creativity in my work.

Paint color is a matter of choice and preference. I chose a mint green for my office walls in order to reflect more light into the room. This color also was more in line with nature and the outdoors. The result was quite a cheery room, but still dull.

After arranging the desk and bookshelves, in came the chairs. At this point, I realized that I may not always like this arrangement of the furniture and decided to forego any further decoration of the office walls. This didn’t last too long when I found floral wall decals which was exactly what I was looking for. With these I, was able to add some interesting design to the office walls without giving up the freedom to redecorate and move them to another wall should I decide to rearrange the room. They are easy to use and could be removed and reused when I wanted. I really like the floral designs for decoration and the chalkboard calendar for functionality.

Remember when decorating your home office to consider that you will be spending a lot of time in there and may soon become bored with the layout. Creating a space that brings you alive is important, but at the same time, create a space that can be easily rearranged in a few minutes.


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