Outdoor Living In The Golden State

The state of California is perhaps one of the most beautiful and diverse places in the world. It is certainly the most diverse state in the country, at least in terms of available geography and climate. Outdoor living in California runs the gamut from desert shacks to rain forest camps, with everything in between.

Lots of people are happier to minimize the amount of contact they have with the natural wonder outside. They don’t like insects, the dirt gets on everything they own, and they wish they could watch television or play Nintendo instead. Everyone else probably enjoys the sunshine, the birds, and the feeling of being part of the beautiful world around them.

The philosophy of “getting out more” goes further than camping or hiking, though. Unless they live in an apartment complex, nearly everyone has a yard or a lawn. It may not be big or covered in trees, but it is a start. Spending more time with their feet on some grass might make someone feel a little better about the world.

The general climate of California lends itself to certain architectural solutions in this vein. Many homes have been constructed in such a way as to locate a living room or kitchen outside. With rain protection, even nice furniture is safe.

Even though they may be able to spend a lot of time outside when they are at home, sometimes people just need to get away. Cities can be very hard to live in. Usually people find that a jaunt to the countryside is quite rejuvenating.

Camping in California is really amazing. The range of options is nearly unreal. From site which can only be approached by water or air to full service trailer and camper parks, there is a solution for everyone, no matter what their individual requirements might be. Many campgrounds are even wheelchair accessible.

When it comes to outdoor living, too many people assume that the phrase means tents and air mattresses. But it is possible for many people to get a bit of nature in their day to day routines. By reading a book on the front porch, going to the park, or just standing around in the back yard, they can make a start. They can go outside and they can enjoy it.

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