Decorating With Marble Vases

Marble vases are a classic piece of upscale home decor. Marble is an elegant material that has been chosen by artists and kings for centuries. It is particularly attractive when used in vases because the material can take such a high polish, that the stone will actually glisten in the light.

One of the most important things you need to know about marble vases is that you can ruin them if you try to wash them with the wrong chemicals. Marble is a base in an acid base relationship. When it comes in contact with an acidic substance, such as most of the commercial soaps on the market, a chemical reaction occurs and the stone becomes discolored. This is a permanent stain that cannot be removed by washing the material.

To avoid ruining your vases, you should only clean them with warm water and a wash cloth. For the most part the glistening surface of the marble wont get very dirty, and all you will really have to do to maintain it is keep it free from dust. If you absolutely have to give the piece a good cleansing, there are specially made non acidic marble soaps that can be purchased.

You should also be careful about the type of cloth you use when wiping the vase. Marble is a type of stone so it is hard, but the polished surface is actually rather fragile, and can become scratched quite easily. If you use a scrub brush with thick sharp bristles, you risk damaging the polished perfection of the stone.

Marble vases are a wonderful companion to any upscale home’s decor. The beauty of the natural stone compliments the unique features found in floral arrangements quite well, and its upscale nature tends to elevate the style of any space into which one is brought.

This article was written by designer Jim Slate on behalf of’s line of natural marble vases and onyx stone home decor products. They offer a wide variety of marble and onyx vases, in various sizes and styles.

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