Building Of Underground Garages – Main Things To Consider

I would like to devote given article to the story about building of underground garages. Underground garages allow keeping existing building of the ground area or to give it demanded architectural shape. At the same time they are difficult and expensive engineering constructions.
Underground garages should maintain pressure of a ground, and in most cases and a pressure of ground waters and to have a reliable waterproofing. For the water drainage, formed in garage at thawing of snow and the ice brought by cars during wintertime, often it is necessary to provide system of mechanical water drainage from garage in the sewer network located above. Possibility of building of garages in the city centers is often limited to high cost of carrying over of underground communications and technical difficulties. Under heavy soil conditions underground garages in some cases are carried out in the form of a component of the base of a land construction on a method of a well. In this connection cost of one place for the car in underground garage is high enough and often exceeds cost of a place for the car in land garage approximately twice. Therefore building of underground garages is justified only on those sites, which in connection with their special value should be built up with the maximum density or cannot be used for erection of land constructions.
On enough big and suitable sites on a profile underground garages with two or three underground floors in the form of a ramp construction more often are under construction. Depending on the sizes of a building and partitioning of floors there can be expedient direct or screw stages. Entrance stages in underground garages should be more flat, than exit.
Requirements to designs, waterproofing, ventilation, reliability can be lowered, if circles for storage of cars are located in the base part of a many-storied building in full or in part acting over level of the earth. At consecutive continuation of such principle it is possible to come to conclusion that the most simple and cheap «underground garage» is the ground floor of such buildings. However till now in cities of Germany and other West European countries storage of cars under buildings of tower type meets only on occasion. At the same time interesting town-planning decisions can be received at new building, for example at erection of shopping centers.
Of course if you are patient and ready to difficulties, you can try to build such underground garage. You will spend a lot of money, but I don’t think that your garages will be empty. They will be popular among people and you will be lucky to earn much more money in the nearest future. Don’t forget that you will need much time to get all documents to permit you to start your building. Good luck!

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