3 Tips On Doll Clothes Sewing Patterns

Stitching doll clothing sewing patterns are somewhat influence by popular fashion trends that are happening now. And there are many hobbyist looking for doll clothes sewing patterns online. If you are selling sewing patterns online, then you might want to take note of the popular trends that are happening right now. Inside this article, you will find 3 popular doll clothes sewing patterns.

So, let’s start off with our first doll clothing sewing patterns – Triple Layers.

What does this means? Basically it means having three different length of clothing overlapping each others. You can have combination of short jacket over long top with a pair of jeans or full dress with a jacket. You can even have your doll wear winter jacket overlapping and a causal shirt inside with a pair of jeans. As that being said, triple layers are all about cleanness, uncluttered and bring out that image look.

The second doll clothes sewing patterns will be Baby Doll Tops.

These are normal tops that we wear during our outing. But for our dolls we can add in a bit more of feminine touches like sexy lace, expensive looking silk and delicate fabrics. This will make your doll look more elegant and stand out among the rest. But if you want your doll to look cute like a baby, try adding different fabric like cotton and changing color to pink or baby blue. This will instantly change your elegant looking doll into a sweet baby doll in not time.

The last doll clothes sewing patterns is perhaps the not as fashion as it would be in our modern world.

This popular trend happen many years back and sometime we may see it on TV and magazine advertisements. I term this as Cowboy Jeans.

Remember those cowboys scene that we are used to? Those cowboys wear tight straight jeans to outwit their opponents. This applies to our dolls too. Our dolls have long slender legs that we can use that as our main attraction. Sew a pair of cowboy jeans to fit on your dolls couple with cowboy boot and there you are, you have your own cowboy doll ready to pose anytime.

There are many more doll clothes sewing patterns online that you can find. If you run out of ideas what to sew for your dolls then look around you. What are we wearing daily that makes us stand out. Even the most casual look will stand out on your doll.

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