Top Two Tips On How To Keep Your Carpets Clean For Longer

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Two carpet cleaning tips on how to keep your carpets cleaner and healthier. By keeping your carpets clean you can eliminate dust and bacteria that can build up in dirty carpets.

If you have carpet through out your house you really should look after them. To replace the carpets in an average house in New South Wales Australia you would be looking at roughly the $3000 to $6000 mark. This is not a cheap investment. If you have carpet using a professional carpet cleaner is the way to go to keep your carpets looking and feeling good.

Whether you have wall to wall carpet, just a couple of rooms or a few rugs, there will come a time that the carpet has to be cleaned. You should vacuum your carpet at least once a week, however there will be times when the carpets should be washed professionally. Having said that there are a few home cleaning tips that can really make your cleaning task a lot simpler.

The first home cleaning tip for your carpet is to vacuum, even if you think that once a week or fortnight is great as they don’t look that bad, if you vacuum more regulary it will help remove the dirt, hair and other particles that can build up in your carpets. Keeping the surface of your carpets clean is important and taking one’s shoes off can make a huge difference. Take your shoes off as you walk into the house and you will save a lot of dust and dirt from being deposited onto the carpets.

This will make your cleaning job so much easier and you wont be continually pushing the dirt further into the carpet every time you walk on them. As dirt and dust is walked onto carpets and we walk on them the dirt actually gets pushed down deeper and deeper into the carpet pile. They may look clean on top but will have a layer of built up dirt at the bottom of the carpet pile.

The second big tip is that when a stain appears you should get rid of it as soon as possible, hot soapy water is great for most stains however you must soak up all the water. Do not leave excess water in your carpet as you will find that this will leave a worse stain then what you started with. If you would like a more thorough list of what to use on any particular stain you can visit us on the website below or just google the stain you have and see what people are using to remove it.

Most stains can be removed but if left in the carpet for a prolonged period can damage the fiber of the carpet to a degree that will make it impossible to remove completely. Baking soda can be an excellent stain remover. A solution made with baking soda can get rid of pet stains if you tackle them early.

Keeping your carpets clean and healthy can take some doing, but with frequent care you can make your carpets last for decades.

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