Blog Carnival Edition No. 12

Welcome to the December 3, 2008 edition of a carnival of everything home.

The next edition is scheduled for December 17th which will be the last one for this year.

As always, there are lots of great contributions to this Carnival.  Remember to include a link back to this post.  Thank you again to everyone who contributed and I look forward to reading each and everyone.

I am taking this opportunity to wish every contributor and to all of our readers throughout the year a very Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year!!

Green Living

Jeremy Zongker presents 76 Ways to Save Money While Saving the Environment posted at Destroy Debt.

greenandchic presents Newsweek article on avoiding toxins in the household | Green + Chic posted at Green + Chic.

Heather Levin presents How To Recycle Gray Water posted at The Greenest Dollar.

Stefanie S. presents Jumpstart to Green Giveaway – $89.99 value! posted at Focus, saying, “Jumpstart to Green is a new company that wants to make going green easy for anyone who is just starting out, and they have offered Focus Organic readers a chance to win a going green kit with 24 products – worth $89.99! Contest open until Midnight EST Saturday, December 6th”

Lauren Rose presents Choosing the Best Plants for your Garden posted at Own Home Style .com, saying, “How to choose the best plants for your garden.”

Susan Morris presents Bonsai – An Exercise In Patience posted at Bonsai Tree, saying, “Some tips for people caring for their plant.”

Heather Levin presents How To Have A Green Christmas posted at The Greenest Dollar.

Alex_Sysoef presents What Does Certified Organic Coffee Mean? | Organic Coffee Deals Blog posted at Organic Coffee Deals Blog, saying, “The term certified organic coffee is often seen on some labels. The question often asked is what does it really signify when a coffee product has this on its label? There are so many labels in the coffee industry that points out that a certain brand of coffee is organic. In reality, some coffee products are only partially organic because some manufacturers have also mixed in other substances that may have been processed using chemicals.”

Home Decor

Condo Blues presents Three Easy, Natural, and Free Fall Centerpieces posted at Condo Blues, saying, “Here are three expensive looking Thanksgiving Dinner Centerpieces that are easy to make with free materials from your own yard.”

Holly presents Holiday Saveings: DIY Holiday Decor posted at ABC’s of Fine Design.

Giorgina Devereaux presents Decorative Interior Doors posted at Home Decor Blog.

Shortcut Sleuth presents Got the Decorating Blahs? posted at Shortcut Sleuth, saying, “Looking to spruce up your home, but don’t have much money to spend? That’s okay! With these easy and inexpensive decorating ideas, you can give your home a new look without investing a lot of time or money.”

Home Improvement

Jim presents 10 Quick Tips To Winterize Your Home posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

Aahz presents Save Money (and the Planet) While Remodeling Your Home posted at Aahz Reviews Gilroy, saying, “Who says you can’t MAKE money when doing a green renovation?”

Jim presents 2009 Federal Energy Tax Credits posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity, saying, “A recap of the 2009 energy tax credits.”

Kim presents Getting a Lazy Boy Recliner Repaired posted at Lazyboy Recliners, saying, “Usually, lazy boy recliners are made of materials that are meant to last long. Since it is made of leather, cleaning the recliner can be effortless.”

Kim presents Lazy Boy Recliner for sale: Is It a Good Deal? posted at Lazyboy Recliners, saying, “When looking for a lazy boy recliner for sale, most of us usually starts with checking out the price of the item.”

Raymond presents Ways To Protect Your Home From Burglars And Break Ins When You Are Away posted at Money Blue Book.

Valeria presents Theater of the Night: How to Create a Great Bedroom Environment posted at Timeless Lessons.


Robert Rhines presents 5 Tips to Make Your Internet Connection Fast posted at High Speed Internet.

Sahara Reins presents Decorating for Fall and Feeding the WildBirds posted at Fowl Visions.

DebbieDragon presents Work at Home Writers Shouldn’t Wear Sweatpants posted at Empowering Mom.

apply4-credit presents Raise the Ratings or Reduce the Debt posted at Apply 4 Credit.

DebbieDragon presents Talking marriage and Money posted at American Consumer News.

HappyCampers presents Gifts To Make: Chocolate Lollipops posted at Reese’s View Of The World.

Debt Free Destiny presents Considering a Short Sale? Think Again! posted at Debt Free Destiny.

Credit Card Assist presents You Can Prevent Hidden Credit Fees posted at Credit Cards Blog |

Matthew Paulson presents Beware of Liquidation Sales posted at American Consumer News.

Debt Freedom Fighter presents 4 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Grocery Bill posted at Discover Debt Freedom!.

Insurance Toolbox presents Guide to Life Insurance posted at Insurance Toolbox.

Travel Advocate presents Family Travel Lanes Take Off In Time for Holiday Travel posted at The Travel Advocate.

Aparna presents Winter skin care at home posted at Beauty and Personality Grooming, saying, “Winter has set in with its lovely, bracing chill in the air and as we all know, this cold weather causes the glands of the skin to become less active and robs skin of its moisture, leaving it dry, flaky and itchy. And as one grows older, winter dryness gets worse; it affects one with greater intensity. Facial skin feels dry and itchy, lips chapped and cracked and knees, heels, wrists, elbows, upper arms – all become rough and you have to take care of them.”

Chris presents Get through recession with household survival tips posted at Home I Own.

Fiona Lohrenz presents Reassuring Day Care Parents posted at Child Care Only.

Insurance Toolbox presents How to Save on Your Car Insurance Policy posted at Insurance Toolbox.

ITAKEOFFTHEMASK presents Practical Tips in Buying Gifts this Christmas posted at

Simonne presents Blue Thanksgiving posted at Dirty Blue Widgets, saying, “Thanksgiving interactive poetry about being a turkey in November.”

Real Estate

The Dough Roller presents 20 Real Estate Investing Tips to Becoming a More Profitable Real Estate Investor posted at Two Wise Acres, saying, “Tips on real estate investing to help you learn from our mistakes!”

Joanne presents Real Estate: Return On Investment (ROI) posted at Central Oregon Real Estate.

Joanne presents Thinking About Purchasing Central Oregon Real Estate? posted at Central Oregon Real Estate.

Joe Manausa presents Great News For First Time Homebuyers In Florida Real Estate posted at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog, saying, “It is interesting to note that in these times of financial hardship for everyone that there seems to be an abundance of financial assistance programs out there for eligible homebuyers purchasing new or existing homes in Florida.”

Raymond presents The Slowly Fading and Elusive American Dream of Home Ownership posted at Money Blue Book.

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