Blog Carnival Edition No. 8 – A Carnival of Everything Home

Welcome to the October 8, 2008 edition of a carnival of everything home.  The next edition is scheduled for October 22nd.

As always, there are lots of great contributions to this Carnival.  Remember to include a link back to this post.  Thank you again to everyone who contributed and I look forward to reading each and every post.

Green Living

George L Smyth presents One Minute How-To – How To Hang Laundry posted at George L Smyth, saying, “Charles Hodgson explains why one would want to hang laundry, and the most efficient way to do it.” presents Trip to Wayanad: Day 2: Part 2: Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary or Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary posted at

simon presents Principles of Operation posted at Pellet Stove Guide.

Condo Blues presents Twenty Percent Home Energy Reduction Challenge – Summer Update posted at Condo Blues, saying, “I’m trying to reduce my home’s natural gas and electricity consumption by 20% this year without replacing eveything I own. And guess what? It’s working!”

greenandchic presents I have a headache! – A word about perfumes posted at Green + Chic, saying, “The is about the use of perfumes and frangrances.”

kara thurmond presents An Hour In the Kitchen » Yogurt posted at An Hour In the Kitchen.

simon presents Quality of Shelled Corn posted at Corn Stove Guide.

Dave Hobbs presents The Right Nectar for Hummingbird Feeding posted at Hummingbird Feeding Guide, saying, “If you want to add beauty to the exterior of your home, consider a fine blown-glass hummingbird feeder. This post will help ensure you fill it with the right homemade mix to help attract these amazing creatures without doing them harm.”

KuleKat presents LED Home Lighting – Halogen Light Bulbs as an Interim Solution posted at KuleKat . com.

Heather Levin presents Green Cleaning- Go Green On A Budget posted at The Greenest Dollar.

Lauren Rose presents THE CULTIVATION OF VEGETABLES | Own Home Style .com posted at Own Home Style .com, saying, “Nowadays due to the introduction of new hybrid varieties in vegetables, which are susceptible to pest and diseases, there is demand for more plant protection, usually with toxic chemica”

Alexis presents Store cooked pasta for 6 months and still eat it??! posted at Gadgets and Tricks for Saving Money In the Long Term, saying, “Hi, my blog is about how people can save recurring living costs by getting products that will help them cut down demand for goods and services on a recurring basis.”

Ben Dinsmore presents Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF): The Best In Green Building Technology posted at Trees Full of Money, saying, “Building a home out of Insulated Concrete Forms is substantially better for your wallet and the environmen vs standard wood frame construction.”

Home Decor

Jeune presents Master Bedroom Musings posted at Remodelle.

Giorgina Devereaux presents How to Clean Furniture posted at Home Decor Blog. presents Allergic Reactions to Dust Mites posted at Dust Mites, saying, “Article describes various allergic reactions people may have to dust mites.”

Annette Berlin presents Free Curtain Patterns posted at Craft Salad, saying, “If you’ve been considering making your own curtains, there are plenty of reasons to go ahead and do it.”


Dave Hobbs presents Tiki Torch Parties in Autumn with Fire Pits posted at Tiki Torches Guide, saying, “Don’t let the onset of Fall drive you indoors just yet. With the addition of an outdoor firepit, you can keep your tiki torch parties going for another month of two!”

Jocelyn @ A Pondering Heart presents A Simple Woman?s Daybook: Week #8 posted at A Pondering Heart.

Alex Smith presents How to Teach Kids Self Defense Without Teaching Them Martial Arts posted at TBO-TECH.

Fiona Lohrenz presents After School Daycare Curriculum – What’s The Best Approach? posted at Child Care Only.

kara thurmond presents An Hour In the Kitchen » Introduction posted at An Hour In the Kitchen.

fred xiao presents 15 more selected blog stress releasing videos posted at Easy money attraction, saying, “15 more selected blog stress releasing videos”

Alex Smith presents Pet Safety Products posted at TBO-TECH.

Fiona Lohrenz presents Are Daycare Requirements And Day Care Regulations The Same Thing? posted at Child Care Only.

axel presents 2 Healthy Snacks posted at axel g.

Toni presents Fat-burning Soup posted at Wifely Steps, saying, “All-vegetable soup that’s good for you! And they say it’s fat-burning too. Easy to do!”

Cade Krueger presents How To Tie The Knot With The Best Home Based Business Opportunities posted at Write To Right.

Real Estate

Joe Manausa presents Bailing Out The Banks? Actually Bailing Out America! posted at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog, saying, “While mainstream media refers to this as the “fat cat” bailout for Wall Street, you might be surprised who really needs this bailout to occur. What would happen to your job if the credit market stopped for even 1 week?”

Reba Haas presents Certified Septic pumping companies for King County till end of 2008 posted at Team Reba Real Estate, saying, “If you plan on buying or selling a home that is on septic (aka, on site sewage) in King County, WA, then you’ll want to get to know this list of certified septic pumpers. Several articles are on this blog to help you learn what you need to know about King County requirements for septic systems.”

Greg Shuey presents The Beauty of FHA Streamline Loans posted at Utah Mortgage.

Matt Everson presents How to Sell Your Home Fast in a Slow Housing Market posted at Astuteo: The Free Advice Blog, saying, “At the time we listed our property, homes in our area were averaging over 110 days on the market. We sold ours in three and half weeks. While I can’t guarantee you’ll have similar luck today, I do know a few tricks for unloading your home fast.”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of a carnival of everything home using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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  1. Awesome list and thank you for the inclusion is this edition of the Carnival of Everything Home!

    Simon, thanks for sharing the great information about the pellet stoves!

    I am planning on writing an article on pellet stove technology in the near future and may be linking to your site!

  2. Thanks for including me! Great carnival!

  3. It was a pleasure including your posts. Thank you for submitting them.


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