Recycling Home Decor

Today I found myself looking around the house for something I could recycle to use as a small office cabinet. All I could find was an old dresser that we plan to sell at a garage sale. It’s really too big for what I need. But then I started thinking about some things we had done in the past with furniture. Maybe I could make it work since I love recycling home décor. Here’s a list of things that are easy to recycle.

If you are cleaning out things like sheets and tablecloths, take a second look at them and consider using them for something totally different. Sheets can easily be made into café curtains and valances. Or make pillowcases out of them. We can never have enough pillowcases. I use tablecloths to make cloth napkins. You get quite a lot of them out of an old tablecloth.

Bedroom Dressers and Chests
If you are going to get rid of an old dresser, take a look and see if any part of it can be used. We had an old armoire that had a two door cabinet on top and two drawers on the bottom. The whole piece got a little bent out of shape from being moved to often and the bottom drawers would not stay on the track. So we cut the top part of the armoire off and kept it. We now have a very nice cabinet that I use to store fabric in.
Another thing I have done is keep the drawers from old dressers that are being tossed. Use the drawers for under the bed storage. You can put small wheels on them so that they are easier to pull out from under the bed.

Shop Liquidators, Tag Sales and Flea Markets
Sometimes odd and ends can make wonderful one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture. Since there was an area between our pool room and our kitchen that needed to be finished, it was in an odd place and very hard to find something that would flow with the rooms. I wanted something very tall with a old tavern look but this type of piece was not easy to find. We happened to stop at a liquidation store and came across a couple of good finds. With a little imagination this is what we did. We bought two tall stereo cabinets, the top of a china hutch and a dining room table top (lots of nice carving) all for $200. We cut the stereo cabinets down so that when we put the china hutch on top it would be the right height. We also cut the dining room table in half to make a bar top. For a total of $300 and a little work, this is what we got and the room was done.

The best part is that it can’t be found anywhere else. It’s a one of a kind. People are always asking us where we bought it from.

So before getting rid of anything or when looking for something special, take a good look at the item whether it is a piece of furniture or a tablecloth. You never know what you may come up with as far as using it for something else in a totally different way. Recycling home décor from your own home or buying odd pieces with an idea in mind, whether at a store or a tag sale, actually gives you a new, unique new item. It’s just like going shopping but more rewarding.

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