How To Use Rope Lighting

Several years ago, rope lights were sold by the foot and were only available through electrical supply stores. Today, they can be purchased in just about any store from home improvement stores to your local department store throughout the year. Rope lighting can be used in so many ways that it is almost impossible to list them all. It is inexpensive and comes in a variety of colors, lengths, widths and shapes (round or rectangular). It’s time to get creative with rope lights.Rope lighting is actually accent lighting that consists of small lights in a tube. It can be stationery, blinking or chasing lights. Some will even blink to the sounds of music. Since it is extremely flexible, it can be wrapped around almost anything or be made into shapes. It is also good for use indoors or outdoors and is weather resistant. A ten foot strip of rope lighting uses about the same amount of energy as a sixty watt bulb producing a very soft glow of light. Today, LED rope lighting is also now available.

Indoors Uses

Under kitchen cabinets – against the wall reflecting on to the counter top
On the tops of kitchen cabinets – against the wall reflecting towards the ceiling
Under the kitchen counter reflecting towards the floor
Along baseboards of the living room behind plants and furniture for upward light that creates shadows
Along the shelf of a vaulted ceiling
On a staircase or banister
Along a hallway floor
In a child’s bedroom for use as a night light
Inside of glass cabinets
Along a bathroom ceiling

Outdoor Uses

Use to line the walkway
Along the driveway
Use around a flower bed
Wrap around trees and shrubs
Along the outside of a pool
Place round the outside of a pond
Under a deck handrail
Along deck steps (added safety)
Around the deck of a boat
Under a home bar top rail (indoor or outdoor)
Along the edge of the floor of a patio
Along the roof of the house
Under a fence
Around a trellis or gazebo
Along landscape timbers

As with all types of lighting, remember to use rope lighting safely. Do not enclose or overheat these lights. Keep them away from fireplaces and other heat sources. Do not use any rope lighting that is cracked, split or damaged in any way.

I have been a fan of rope lighting since it first hit the stores. I use it along the vaulted ceiling of the family room and along the far edge of the pool. It is also along the floor of our outdoor entertainment room which creates a very relaxing atmosphere. The uses for this type of lighting is so limitless. Take a look around your home, both interior and exterior, and let your imagination take over, have some fun and try getting creative with rope lights.

There were just some ideas for using rope lights. If you have other ideas or use rope lights in different ways, please share them with us.

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